Changing Your LOS or Core?   Keep Your Connector!

A recent QuestSoft survey found that nearly 20% of all lenders considered changing their loan origination system in 2014, compared to 16% in 2013. This significant jump in financial institutions considering a change comes from compliance concerns brought on by constantly changing CFPB regulations. CCMC's Complete Connector Migration Coverage eliminates the stress of having to find a new integration solution when your LOS or core changes. We have you covered!

Interfaces are stagnant. CCMC Connectors are Dynamic

CCMC Connector solutions take the industry standard of “just enough to get by” interfaces, that only transfer the data common to both systems, and turns that notion on its head. Not only does the Connector use all fields from your loan origination system to fully populate your core servicing system, but it also eliminates the need for after boarding maintenance and multiple full time employees to process each loan.


Recent News

  • May 8Our May newsletter is now available

  • APR 13We're preparing for the August 1 RESPA-TILA changes.
  • Apr 7You can now reach Customer Care using Skype! Select 'Send a Skype' under the Customer Care menu or click on the Skype button in the upper right corner.
  • Mar 31CCMC welcomes Global Bank, First Federal SLA of Los Angeles, Mercantil Commerce Bank, Greenfield Savings Bank, Asheville Savings Bank, First Robinson Savings Bank, AmBank, Citadel Federal Credit Union, Oregon State Credit Union, First National Bank (Virginia), First National Bank in Souix Falls, Bar Harbor Banking & Trust, and Sanford Institution for Savings as Connector customers.